Dental Fillings

Bonham, TX Dental Fillings 

Restorative Dentistry to Fix Cavities, Chips, and Cracked Teeth 

Do you think you might have a cavity? A toothache or tooth sensitivity is often the first sign you have tooth decay that must be restored with dental fillings. The good news is that this minor restorative dental work is simple and quite effective. The materials used for dental fillings are porcelain and composite resin, as they are beautiful yet durable. That means you won’t be able to detect you’ve had dental work done even if you study your own reflection in the mirror – gone are the days of painfully obvious metal-material fillings. 

What’s Involved in a Dental Filling Appointment? 

You can expect the following steps during your dental filling appointment: 

  1. Numbing medicine 
  2. Tooth decay removal 
  3. Bonding agent application 
  4. Materials applied and hardened with a special light 
  5. Your filled tooth will be shaped, smoothed, and polished

Do I Need a Filling or Something Else? 

You may be eligible for a filling to fix a cavity for minor restorative dental purposes. However, some patients are better suited to other treatments, such as a dental crown, because their tooth decay is too extensive. Getting a crown may also involve having a root canal or dental implant prior to crown placement. We will give you all the options you have to improve your oral health so you can make the best choice for yourself. 

To book a dental exam and checkup with Bonham Smiles, please call us at (903) 226-8388 now.

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